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So there

So here I am again

Stuck with me and stuck with my problems

Nothing to do than to sit around

Dying in boredom

Lying in solitude

And about to let


I’m longing to yearn

Struggling to fight

Letting to leave

Existing to be

And belonging to no one

While nobody belongs to me


World is so little and yet so big

Neither this way nor that

So much to do but so little in the end

Many words but nothing to say

No doubt that there’s much to complain

But nothing really in the end


What matters today when nothing has value

No worth, no reality

Senseless is useless

Not touchable, not real

Where to find the truth in so many lies

And how to recognize?


Not here and not really gone

About to die but already dead

How to live when life isn’t there

What to find when nothing is lost

And what to search?

5.3.08 00:33

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